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Permanent Staff Recruitment

RTG provides efficient and reliable recruitment services for technical and corporate staff, by conducting a thorough recruitment process.

The Process:

  • It begins with making sure we have a detailed understanding of the requirements of the job role.
  • Once our team of recruitment researchers are familiar with the requirements, the search for candidates begins. This is done by searching internally from our extensive and up-to-date candidate database, as well as use of online networking, advertising on specialist partner websites and other more sophisticated methods.
  • Promising candidates are contacted, their CV is obtained and an application form is completed which gives other types of information that would otherwise not be available, thereby obtaining an all-round understanding of each candidate.
  • After careful consideration of a candidate’s CV and application form, we conduct a screening interview with our candidates.
  • Once RTG is satisfied that candidates are suitable, they are shortlisted and presented to the client, along with a customized RTG candidate profile, with all of the available information we have on the candidate.


More information available on request. Please contact:

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