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RTG Group offers a full range of executive search, recruitment, and outsourcing personnel services to international companies operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe and the Middle East.

RTG has an excellent record of helping its clients find top-of-the-line professionals. We maintain an up-to-date and extensive database of highly qualified and experienced candidates to provide top-quality employees to our clients.

RTG Group always seeks the solution that is best for its clients, whether it be a simple search in recruitment or headhunting to fill senior management positions or comprehensive outsourcing of teams of personnel of any size.


Executive search for senior management and expert positions

Recruiting technical and corporate staff

Contract Staff
Providing personnel on short and long term contracts

Translation & Interpretation
Translation in sector-specific terminology in various languages

Personnel development technical training

Language tutoring and translation/interpretation services

Some of our clients (past and present)

I have worked through many agencies over my 37 years as a contractor and RTG is up there with the best. I highly recommend them.
Contractor for BP Iraq

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